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5 Amazing Month :)

Assalamualaikum .  Wootwoot !

Pejam celik pejam celik dah 5 bulan hubungan saya dan Shazreen . Alhamdulillah , hope kitorang berkekalan sampai ke akhir hayat . Doakan kitorang tau ? Hihi .

Dear you sayang ,
  • Thank you zillion times because you had make my life more meaningful from day to day . I just cant describe my love for you , it is too priceless darling .
  • Thank you so much because you always be on my side during up and downs . I really appreciate it , I love you so much .
  • Thank you very very much because you always support me if I have problems .
And the MOST important is :
  • Thank you infinity because you love me and accept me for the way I am :]

I'm promise , I'll do my best for our relationship . I nak you sorang je tau . Hee , ingat tu ! You can keep my words and I'll keep yours honey . ILOVEYOUSOMUCHHHH Muhammad Shazreen Bin Roszimi ♥ 

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